What We Do, and How We Do It

One of the keys to our success in producing innovative products of the highest quality is the complete vertical integration of our process from start to finish.  From the conceptual design to production of copper dies for hot stamping, and print plates for printed and varnished designs to the extrusion of custom plastics and the tinting of papers, through the laminating and die cutting process – all are completed in our wholly owned factories.  These in-house capabilities allow A&H to control each stage of the process, resulting in speed to market and unrivaled quality and innovation.

Art & Design

Our design team adapts global design trends into packaging concepts which are competitive and fashion-right on the selling floor. Using our state-of-the-art prepress and technical art expertise, we can create original artwork or adapt customer supplied artwork and brand identity. Click link for artwork specifications on our Artwork Requirements page.


With cutting-edge equipment in the US and China— much of which is proprietary, having been invented by us – we provide multi-color printing, coating, multi-tone extrusion, stringing, embossing, hot-stamping, folding and gluing, laminating, vacuum forming, hermetic/ultrasonic sealing and more. A combination of technology and industry expertise enables us to provide printing of any bar code information within 48 hours.

Inventory & Stock Management

A&H maintain stocks programs for over 250 of the world’s largest brands, retailers and their suppliers and also provide secure online ordering capabilities. We stock literally millions of sku’s.

Bio-based Sustainability

At A&H, we place a high value on developing products, processes and technologies which incorporate ecologically-friendly materials and techniques which help our customers achieve their sustainability objectives.


A&H is qualified with both ISO 9001/2008 certification and GMI certification, which ensures compliance with the highest of international standards for quality control as well as meeting global requirements for social responsibility.

Product Capabilities

Products include jewelry display cards and tags; puff pads for fine jewelry; customized gift boxes in all shapes, sizes, and materials for jewelry and watches; molded hangers for belts, footwear and legwear; pressure sensitive and embossed foil labels; hang tags and string tickets; and customized EAS solutions for auto and DIY tool products. List? Click link for more detail regarding specific product categories.