With design and production engineers on staff, A&H device- packaging products are quality engineered from inception through production and are adaptable to virtually any configuration. Our strength in injection molding, vacuum-forming, extrusion and stamping can bring any product to the selling floor. We routinely custom design products for one-of-a-kind applications.

Consumer Products

Specialty Shapes
Customized injection-molded vacuum forms present a great solution for presenting and securing unique shapes, forms and 3-dimensional products. Applications include jewelry, home decorative products, electronics, tablets and smartphone products among others.

Vacuum Forms, Clamshells, and Blisters provide tamper-proof packaging to reduce pilferage.

Industrial Applications

A&H has expert customized thermoforming capabilities which are expertly engineered to provide safe packaging and transit solutions for a wide range of high-value and fragile industrial products:

  • IC Components
  • Medical laboratories
  • Electronics
  • Smartphone and accessory components
  • Telecommunications